Laser Hair Removal

Struggling with unwanted body hair? Ditch that irritating razor! Laser Aesthetics welcomes you to try our full line of laser hair removal treatments. All of our treatments are designed to reduce body hair where needed without damaging your skin. Our Vectus and Cutera Nd:Yag solutions work with all skin tones and types. Both systems are FDA-approved and completely non-invasive.


Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

Vectus Laser System

Designed specifically for hair removal, this diode laser light targets hair with intense precision. Vectus requires less energy than Cutera and is equipped with a Skintel melanin reader. The reader allows for a safe and more effective treatment. 

Cutera Nd:Yag

This “pigment friendly” laser device is made for darker skin tones. An excellent choice for hair removal, Cutera offers permanent results with minimal discomfort.

Laser Hair Removal for Women

Why does hair removal have to feel like such a struggle? Pesky ingrown hairs, painful wax treatments, and disappointments from inferior products – who has the time or energy to deal with this? Women are superstars, but even the toughest among us need an occasional helping hand. At Laser Aesthetics we are proud to offer our Cape Cod ladies a full line of treatment options to combat unwanted body hair. Through our combined use of Cutera Nd:Yag and Vectus by Cynosure, we are pleased to cater to a wide range of skin tones and sensitivities. 

When you visit Laser Aesthetics, we will create a custom treatment package geared toward your particular needs. Most treatments typically take 6-8 sessions, but always lead to a dramatic reduction or complete elimination of body hair. Why go off Cape? With Laser Aesthetics, you will feel fierce and confident, that’s our Cape Cod guarantee.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Guys, shaving at home is time-consuming and you can’t exactly go to the barber to get rid of back hair! Sure, professional waxing, shaving, and electrolysis treatments do exist – but these are often so expensive! Thankfully, Laser Aesthetics offers advanced and cost-effective hair removal options designed for men. 

That’s right, Cutera Nd:Yag and Vectus aren’t just for the ladies. These formulated laser treatment systems can be calibrated to cater to men of all ages and skin tones. Don’t nick yourself with a razor or endure the trauma of a chest wax again! Try Laser Aesthetics’s treatments and get the clean look you like.

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Laser Hair Removal in Cape Cod

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