Spider Veins

Twisted, enlarged veins can certainly be an unpleasant addition to our bodies. Spider veins tend to appear when excess pressure is put on certain areas such as the legs and face. Not only may you find these veins to be unattractive, but their appearance is often accompanied by pain, burning, and irritation. Laser Aesthetics believes that no one should live with this discomfort. This is why we are happy to offer vein therapy solutions to our wonderful Cape Cod friends.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins can be red or blue and often tend to appear on the face or legs. These superficial lines are created when excess pressure is put on certain parts of our bodies. These offshoot veins act almost like dead ends in the circulatory system, causing blood build up. The added blood clumped in these veins leads to superficial swelling and pain.

Spider Vein Treatment Options

Cutera Nd:Yag

The Cutera laser is a skin-tone friendly device made for addressing uneven pigmentation, lesions, and spider veins. This impressive handheld tool uses powerful pulsating light wavelengths to address troubled areas. For spider veins, the Nd:Yag has been proven to be the most effective treatment method to date. The treatment can be done quickly, shows immediate results, and requires no downtime.

Expected Treatment Results

For Cutera Nd:Yag, treatment time depends on the size and severity of your spider veins. Small vessels can usually be removed in 1 to 3 session intervals. Though Laser Aesthetics aims to make our guests feel as comfortable as possible, some discomfort may be felt during treatment. Immediate results can be seen following your initial visit, and permanent results will be experienced after completing your full treatment course.

Spider Vein Treatments in Cape Cod

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Treatments for Spider Veins

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