Rosacea is an uncomfortable condition affecting millions around the world. Those of us who suffer from this issue are often embarrassed and ashamed of our skin. In addition, this affliction is often accompanied by persistent burning and itching. Don’t be embarrassed, your rosacea is not your fault. At Laser Aesthetics, we are happy to offer aid to those living with rosacea. Our range of skin rejuvenation treatments promise clearer, more radiant skin.

Skin Irritation from Rosacea

Though classified as a common dermatological concern, the cause of rosacea is unknown. The condition often begins around the nose and tends to spread to the ears, chest, and back over time. Some types cause breakouts while others can lead to thick, bumpy skin. Other symptoms include dilated blood vessels and puffy skin. This uncomfortable condition often leads to insecurity, particularly in social situations.

Treatment Options for Rosacea

Laser Genesis

This non-invasive, FDA-cleared Cutera treatment has been shown to effectively reduce swelling and irritation caused by rosacea. The Genesis works by using safe pulsating laser light to penetrate the skin and calm overactive sebaceous glands. This process effectively soothes the skin, promoting healthy cell regeneration.

Treatment Results

Treatment sessions are fast-acting. Session time varies based on condition severity, but most cases require 3 to 5 sessions at 3 to 6-week intervals for best results. Some minor swelling may occur after each session, but will often dissipate after a few hours. Ice packs can be used to relieve burning if needed.

Rosacea Treatment in Cape Cod

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Treatments for Rosacea

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