A Variety of Vein Therapy Options


Spider Vein Therapy:

Spider veins are small, enlarged blood vessels on the skins surface that appear red or blue. How can I treat them to make them go away? The good news is we have excellent answers for all our patients’ inquiries!

Spider veins are small blood vessels that have become enlarged beneath the skin’s surface, and can appear red or blue. Dilated and short, these unconnected lines have stopped pumping blood to various parts of the body, and so create spider web or tree branch-like patterns that can often cause a burning sensation if you are standing for long periods of time. Most commonly found on the face or legs, the common causes of these veins are generally genetic predispositions, pregnancy, hormonal changes, weight gain, and even leg injuries.

But whatever the causes of spider veins, Laser Aesthetics has the therapies to treat them to give you healthier-looking skin.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most patients require 3-5 laser treatments, 4 weeks apart, but it will all depend on the number of veins that have been impacted. Color and size also matter in determining this number as well.

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Facial Telangiectasia Vein Therapy:

Facial Telangiectasia refers to spider veins that are specifically located on the face. Widened venules (tiny blood vessels) cause red lines on the skin which are similar to threads. These threads gradually begin to form clusters and create unsightly blemishes that can cause people to be self-conscious and uncomfortable.

At Laser Aesthetics, we have the right treatment options to solve that issue! We employ lasers that have a unique ability to target adverse blood vessels without disturbing the tissue around it. These laser lights are absorbed by the skin, and the heated blood vessels begin to collapse and dissipate in a complete and natural healing process.

What Happens to My Skin after the Treatment?

There may be some temporary redness, swelling, bruising, changes in skin pigment color. However, these generally ebb in a day, maybe even hours after the procedure is complete. There are no long-term side effects.

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