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Welcome to Laser Aesthetics Cape Cod Internal Medicine

Laser Aesthetics provides solutions to a variety of issues such as: unwanted and excess hair and fat, undesirable vascularities, wrinkles, loose skin, rosacea, sun spots, and pigmented lesions. Our certified staff of trained doctors and nurses can help you look your best, long term, and adhere to the strictest standards of safety and effectiveness, no matter kind of treatment you opt for.


At Laser Aesthetics, we feel you should look like - on the outside - what you feel like on the inside. Happy, young, energetic, adventurous – we can accomplish all that for you with the best cosmetic medical treatments available today!

Client Testimonials

True and absolutely visible results, within a few treatments. Started with BOTOX and dermal fillers in the fall of last year. By spring time, people were commenting on how much younger I looked. Added chemical peels to keep a glow. Cheryl coached me each step of the way, offering suggestions and letting me know when an idea was not really the best treatment option. She is passionate about her work, is very talented in applying treatments to reach maximum results. I am a life long client!
J.S. Brewster